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ACP YouTube

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YouTube is the new distribution channel


"I've never had more than 200 people watch a film that I've made," Mr. Goldenberg, 26, said. "Then we had 150,000 people watch our movie in a week. It's pretty crazy."

Ben Goldenberg, producer of  White Collar Criminals (2nd place winner in Project:Direct)


Some YouTube stats

(vastly outdated: March 2008 from Digital Ethnography


Total videos uploaded: 78.3 Million

Videos uploaded per day: over 150,000

Time it would take to view all of the material on YouTube (as of March 17th 2008): 412.3 years


335x150k = 50.2 million since then

Total: 128.5 million


Not just YouTube


Using YouTube

  • Create an account/set up a channel.
    • Name it wisely (your business or yourself).
    • Different account types: Director, Musician, Comedian, Guru and Reporter
    • Fill out your profile and link back to your website URL
    • Brand your channel (CBC)
  • The watch page (video interface)
    • Embed (customize player)
    • Share & Favorite (expanded share options)
    • Commentary
    • More info (tags & Category)
  • My account
    • Set always playback high rate video
    • Fill out your profile


Producing & Uploading


Distributing & Promoting

It's all about the social network and Participatory Media (wikipedia)

  • Build a presence on YouTube
  • Allow embedding, commenting (Viddler has some great commenting features)
  • Cross post and integrate (Twitter, Facebook, your blog), but avoid spamming
  • Submit videos to social bookmarking and news sites like Digg, Newsvine and del.icio.us.
  • Post a widget with your favorite videos in the sidebar of your blog (you do have a blog, right?).
  • Submit your videos to the iTunes podcast directory.
  • TAKE PART! Comment on others (and always include a link back to your site, if you can)
  • Use stats to track your videos & channels. (Insights)
  • Pay for premium spot on YouTube (only US right now)


Advertising & Monetizing


Watch and Download


More information




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